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August 2021

PERSONAL : This month you will have to bear a whole lot of work related stress. At present a phase of some major change is running in your personal life. If you are unmarried then some turmoil will prevail. Problems will be faced in keeping love relationships intact. You will in a great quandary as regards your life partner. These issue are the `axes’ of your present day life in which you will get extremely busy and its impact will fall on your style of working. Whereas, during the first half of the month you will be in comfortable position then during the latter half you will be plagued by heavy expenses and some legal complications could arise. Conspiracy like situations will prevail in the atmosphere around you and although you will be alert but will not be able to do anything. It is necessary to pay extreme attention during this period. PROFESSIONAL : Though momentum will be gained in professional matters but you will not be able to take good decisions. Some of the decisions will prove very dear and expenses will also be high. At this juncture, your entire attention should be focused on keeping relationships intact. The danger of professional relationships going awry persists. You could get some fresh support in your efforts being made to accrue financial gains but during the latter half of the month you might have to take fresh decisions with regard to work. A new bold decision could take you a long way ahead. At this stage, some behaviour related flaws will be noticed. You are advised that you apply transparency in your financial dealings. Some problem pertaining to the dealings could take a legal shape. It seems that you will be able to make the repayment on time but still every thing needs to be done clearly. HEALTH : From the health point of view the current phase is routine. You might have to make repeated rounds of the hospital. The father will have more problems as compared to the mother and the expenditure on medicines continue to remain at the existing level. From the mental point of view you will remain quite upset and on some occasions you will wish to run away from the present situations. RELATIONSHIP : Pay great attention in personal relationship lest it may not happen so that the situation gets more worse. Even a trivial matter could become a matter of self prestige. If your married then this is a period of ups and downs in the professional life of the spouse. You should move forward with utmost caution again. You should not take any step without knowing their mind. Apply extra caution in matters relating to partnership.

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