ASTROLOGY tatoos way to EXPRESS what u are!

Astrology tattoos rival the popularity of the Zodiac itself. Even those who do not possess a deep-seated belief in horoscopes can enjoy Astrology tattoos, which can be based on different versions of the Zodiac, including the Roman/Greek Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac. But for someone who does have a daily habit of checking their horoscope or even feels a mysterious connection to the stars, an Astrology Tattoo can be a beautiful way to express that part of their belief system.

Each sign of the Zodiac represents different characteristics which people often identify with. Wearing an Astrology tattoo for those persons can be very revealing. The wearer of the Leo lion, for instance, may be making the statement, “I am a born leader”. Of course, he or she may also be indulging their love for felines! Someone sporting the Astrology tattoo of a centaur representing Sagittarius could be letting you know that he or she is freedom loving. They may also be declaring their propensity for the sport of archery. Simply put, Astrology tattoos can be an outward symbol of a deeply held personal belief, or a design choice for someone hankering for a beautiful tattoo.

The designs are many and varied, and able to be adapted to the wearer’s taste. For example, the symbol for Pisces may either be 2 fish swimming in opposing directions, or the symbol of two vertical curved lines facing in opposite directions with a horizontal line running through them. Gemini, the twins, may simply be a symbol resembling two Greek pillars, or a more intricate design of warrior twins. Aquarius might be the Greek symbol of two wavy horizontal lines representing the water carrier, or the more literal translation of a man carrying buckets on a long pole balanced on his shoulders. Note that the Greek/Roman symbols in Astrology tattoos appear Celtic in design, or tribal. They are more simple and symbolic than the literal pictorial tattoos.

Astrology tattoos can also be contained within a larger design, or even hidden within a design. An Astrology tattoo might be worn as an armband, or one large symbol in the middle of the back.

The point is, Astrology tattoos can be as intricately beautiful or as simply stated as the wearer chooses.