Monthly's Horoscope


August 2021

PERSONAL : Due to the changed planetary during the beginning of the month the scenario will appear some what changed. A change will be witnessed in your views towards your opponents. Now, you will not work with the same vigor as before and will also leave aside certain issues. As soon as you regard your peace of mind, flexibility will come about in your personality and along with it elegance will also come in. All the time you will have the feeling that some achievement will come about all of a sudden. If will happen thus too but since it is not coming about immediately hence all this will appear like a mirage. On some days during the month you will have faith on machinery and it will surely break your confidence. The first half will comparatively go good but during the latter half it will appear as it everyone has turned against you. PROFESSIONAL : From the professional point of view things will appear to have come to a stand still. The avenges of financial gains will become narrow and obstacles will arise. You will get the company of influential people but delay will continue be caused in realization of payments due from them. You will start considering all those means for the acquisition of wealth which you were earlier not considering and on those ways which your were earlier reluctant to use. The result of any task done against the rules has an adverse effect hence you should remain alert. Apply extra caution in matters relating to partnership. You will start viewing each others style of working with an eye of suspicious. This is not an ideal situation and efforts could be made to find its solution if not during the current month then it could be in the next one. HEALTH : The spouse could have health related concerns. On the personal front. You should rely either on yoga or on fibrous diet. You will be deeply concerned with regard to the health of the mother. This month the expenditure on medicines is on the increase. Expenses on medicines appear to be rising. RELATIONSHIPS : Problems during the first half of the month will be few as compared to those prevalent after the 10th of September. Suddenly, personal problems will increase and you will start viewing tension in an atmosphere of peace. There is a dire need of applying great caution during the latter half. If during this period, you make efforts for initiating some marital alliances then in depth enquires will be made, but relations with the boss will remain cordial although your performance at the work place will not be satisfactory.

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