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August 2021

PERSONAL : This month special changes will occur in your field of activity and there will be an expansion in your social limits. The desire to display special expertise in your field of work will inspire you to put in a lot of extra hard work and you will also make concerted efforts to learn something new. Several people will join your ranks and you will begin to get into the task of expansion of your capabilities. Some mattes pertaining to the family will seem to be heading towards some sort of settlement. At the work place, due to the occurrence of some special event, you will leave some task in the midway only and will also not be prepared to bear its damages. Your personal as well as collective behaviour will remain different. High headedness in temperament could annoy some one. PROFESSIONAL : Some new change could come around in professional matters during the current month. While doubts will arise with regard to the success of the task which you are trying to accomplish then on the other souse new venture could give you success. If you are in business then you will remain upset due to the behaviour of two-three employees and will be able to take a decision with regard to them. Mars moving from above the Moon sign brings high tempers in one’s behaviour and behavioral flaws will be observed on one or two occasions. However, still this is a month of achievements and you will not only earn handsomely but will also be successful in giving a new shape to your work methodology. HEALTH : The mother’s health will remain somewhat fragile. The father could also have some problems as for the spouse. The current phase is auspicious. The quantum of oil rich food will increase in their diet and accordingly the weight will also increase. RELATIONSHIP : Marital life will run smoothly. Though allegations will be heaped upon you but your working power is so strong that you will be able to counter the allegations, but the problem will not end with this. Love relations will experience a new energy and will continue to run as usual. Do not make any issue a matter of self prestige.

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