ASTROLOGICAL makeup guide!

Does it work? "If executed well, why not," asks makeup expert. "Astrological make up is an interesting trend but the trick is to find the make up that suits you and not to overdo it. You can also tune it to fit into your day. For instance, red might work for Saggis, but if you're at the office and can't wear it on your lips, sport it on your nails. Sushmita Sen is a Scorpio and an earthy sign like brown works for her and she wears it well - so when it comes to astro make up the look should be understated, yet classy," he says.Here are key points on each sun-sign as to what their personality is and how to choose colours of makeup:

Your main colour is red.
Colours: Deep red , gold, white, amber, black, brown, and orange
Blush: Reddish bronze with golden pigments
Eye shadow: Sparkling ivory white
Lipstick: Velvet finish deep red lipstick to stimulate your sharp mind.
Eye liner: Velvet black bold eyeliner
Colour to avoid: Pale pink

Your main colour is pink.
Colours: Violet, black, blue, brown, green, pastels and yellow
Blush: Shimmery pink blush will add beauty, femininity and elegance
Eyeshadow: Shades of champagne, Apricot, Violet and Pink
Lipstick: Shimmery pale pink lipstick
Eye liner: Midnight blue
Colour to avoid: Red gives negative energy to Taurians

Yellow is your main colour.
Colours: Bright yellow, green, pale blue, pastels and white
Blush: Sunset yellow and golden blush
Eyeshadow: Metallic olive green will bring out your witty personality
Lipstick: Pastel golden beige lipstick or deep golden brown to give you a flirty touch
Eye liner: Smoky brown smudged eyeliner
Colour to avoid: Family of red!

Your main colour is Silver that brings out the sparkling natural glow
Colours: Silver, indigo silver, metallic, turquoise, white, black, colours of moon, gray, blue
Blush: Perfectly pigmented bordeaux or rose wine
Eye shadow: Sparkling creamy colours such as silver, metallic gray, light gray, and white, to bring out your mysterious side
Lipstick: Natural brown lipstick with gloss. Brown gives a healthy complexion and gloss gives brilliance
Eye liner: Coal
Colour to avoid: Red can de-harmonise your energy
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Your main colour is Orange and brings your magnetic aura.
Colours: Orange, amber, crismson, blue, copper, gold, red, royal blue, royal purple and white
Blush: Copper with golden shimmers will bring out your royal personality
Eye shadow: Try amber, crimson, gold and copper to make you look hot and heavy
Lipstick: Orange, to bring out your powerful energy
Eye liner: Charcoal crown will symbolise your personality.
Colour to avoid: Pale and pastel shades.

Grey is your main colour.
Colours: Gray, brown, green, khaki, lavender, navy blue, white and yellow
Blush: Soft brown with lavender undertones
Eye shadow: Brick brown or dark brown to bring out your subtle charm
Lipstick: Bronzy - brown will enhance your smile and ability to attention to details
Eye liner: Gray will add neutral touch to your life
Colour to avoid: Family of red!

Green is the main colour.
Colours: Green, baby blue, light champagne, pink, purple and rose
Blush: Bright pink will show your loving nature
Eye shadow: Emerald green to signify your love, beauty and balance
Lipstick: Velvet finish soft beige, pink or light rose pink. It brings out your love for beauty and peace
Eye liner: Dark olive green
Colour to avoid: Mixture of too many bright colours

Hot pink is your main colour.
Colours: Hot pink, black, burgundy, dark red, maroon and purple
Blush: Tinted burgundy will enhance your look
Eye shadow: Shades of purple
Lipstick: Hot pink or hot red to bring out the wild side
Eye liner: Dark and glossy amethyst for that seductive touch
Colour to avoid: Too many vivid colours together
Tip: When eyes are dark use lighter lips and vice versa

Purple is the main colour.
Colours: Purple, blue, burgundy, green, red, white
Blush: Rich burgundy to bring out your sparkly personality
Eye shadow: Electric blue
Lipstick: Sheer lilac - hint of purple
Eye liner: Black with shimmery purple flecks
Colour to avoid: Sky blue, navy blue and dark red

Your main colour is pine green.
Colours: Pine green, beige, black, brown, khaki and olive
Blush: Tan and bronzed
Eyeshadow: Pine green , beige and olive
Lipstick: Brown bronze with shimmer
Eye liner: Jet black
Colour to avoid: Yellow

Electric blue is your main colour.
Colours: Also black, turquoise, violet and purple
Blush: Satin finish soft violet
Eyeshadow: Shimmery purple with turquoise flecks
Lipstick: Metallic violet
Eye liner: Electric blue
Colour to avoid: Conventional colours. Wear a mix of two or more colours.

Aqua is your main colour.
Colours: Aquamarine, black, green , purple, mystical silver blue, and violet
Blush: Soft pink colour with violet hues.
Eye shadow: Aquamarine with flecks of mystical ilver
Lipstick: Sparkling and shimmering nude lips
Eye liner: Silvery eye liner
Colour to avoid: Bright and violet shades