In ancient times, the priests used to provide knowledge and wisdom in the form of education. Students used to live and study in their religious and foundation. Educational field have gone through many changes with the time, and the method of studies have also changed a lot. Nowadays, it is important to gain quality education to earn good amount of living. Whereas, a person should study on the basis of his skills and ability based on which they are able to earn their living.

In today's world, children study something else and adopt a career in some other field. Astrology can help in directing a career of a child. To determine the educational level, the houses related to it should be analysed first. The second, fourth and fifth house in a horoscope are related to education of a native.

Let us study these houses in detail.

Second House

This house is also known as the house of home. A child till the age of five learns everything from his surroundings at home. The culture that a child adopts till the age of five directs his life till the end. This house represents the culture and family surroundinga at home and plays an important life in the initial stage of education of a child. A child becomes succesful through the medium of this house only. In this way the intial phase of education and upbringing of a child is seen through the second house.

Fourth House

The fourth house in a horoscope is also knows as the house of hapiness. The level of academic education that a child shall attain, can be determined by the astrologers after analysing this house. The astrologers are able to communicate the level of education that a child will attain by analyzing this house. It can help guide a child in choosing a subject and act as a foundation of a successful career.

Fifth House

Fifth house is considered to be the most important house to determine the education. The educations that a native gets through this house, helps him to earn his livelihood.

The analysis of fifth house is considered useful for a job or business. It plays an important role in helping the native to make a right choice in his career.

Planets Helpful in Imparting Education

Mercury is the karak of intelligence. Jupiter is the karak of education. If in a horoscope Mercury and Jupiter, both are at exalted position then the native achieves high degree of education and also when  both the planets forms a relation with the ascendant.

Category of Horoscope in Assessment of Education

Till now we studies about the houses and planets related to education. But it also important to analyse the position of lord of the houses and planets in the horoscope. Sometimes all the details of the horoscope seems to be favourable, yet the native finds difficulties in attaining good education. This can be due to the placement of weak planet in the education related houses.

by: Satish Sharma