Political Forecast for India : 2013

The horoscope of India is of Taurus ascendant. Presently India is running under Sun Mahadasha and Saturn antardasha. Saturn on one hand is yogakarak and on another hand is combust yet Saturn is in good position in the Navamsha horoscope. The annual horoscope of India is of Sagittarius ascendant. Varshesh is Saturn and Muntha is in Libra. The sign in the 8th house of the horoscope is the ascendant of the Varsha Lagna. Muntha is in the house of gains in Varsha Kundli but from Janma Kundli it is in 6th house. So there will be mixed results. As antardashanath is Varshesh also, major changes are indicated in the political scenario.

Important Political Forecast : 2013 :

  1. The new year will prove unluck for the present government. Saturn will become retrograde on 8th February 2013. This will increase the problems of the government. Some of the ministers will commit serious mistakes.
  2. Some new scams will be observed and the credibility of the government will decline.
  3. In February-March there will be discontentment due to the policies of the government. The allies will go against and will also conspire.
  4. From February to July there will be lot of turmoil and all the parties will try to defame each other.
  5. Time is not at all favourable for central government and congress party. In June-July 2013 there will be chances of voting on important issues.
  6. In atleast three states there will be problems and the chief ministers will show attitude to the party leaders.
  7. One of the important political leader may face life threatening situation.
  8. August and September 2013 will be good for the people as government may come up with some good programs.
  9. By the end of 2013 number of new political parties will pop up and will try to strengthen their position.

Satish Sharma
(Chife Editor Astroblessing.com)