The powerful and dynamics No 1

Number : 1 (Those born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month).

The number one is the most powerful and dynamic. They are blend of idealism, pride and romanticism. They have a keen desire for multiple love-affairs. This must be guarded against as it will not be possible to bring about a long-lasting attachment or realise the depth of feelings in the relationship. In certain cases, they become the masterly in dealings with the opposite sex. Very often, they encounter their life-partner during journey or in some case, at some religious places or even while attending a lecture or conferences and discussion group. Generally, there is a great warmth in their love but any kind of misunderstanding could lead to divorce or divorce like situation or even separation. To avoid this, they should not demand too much from her life-partner. Mostly, they are always in tune with their children yet they don't receive any happiness in later part of life as they expect the impossible from them. Persons born under the influence of number one should avoid marriage with the same number to prevent marital discord or unhappiness in married life.

          Usually, they are most comfortable with the number Nine.

Remedies :

  • The should use all shades of gold, yellow, deep orange, creams and whites as much as possible atleast in their bed-rooms or in garments.
  • They should wear `Topaz' in any form.
  • They can get easily attracted towards 2-4-7 numbers.
  • Important dates for courtship and dating purposes are as 2-7-16-25-29th (of any month).
  • Important dates for professional / vocational joinings and for business-meetings are as 1-10-19th (of any month).