Worship of Virgin Girl on Navratri

During this festival, a virgin girl is worshipped for nine consecutive days and is offered meals. A virgin girl is a symbol of unmanifest energy and by worshipping her, the unmanifest energy in her gets activated. Due to this the radiant frequencies in the universe get attracted and the devotee benefits by it. Have a look on the process of worship of a virgin girl-

During each of the nine days of Navratri, respectfully invite a kumarika (a young virgin) to your house. If this is not possible, the custom is to invite nine kumarikas on any one of the days in Navratri. Offer them a mat made of wool to sit on.

Perform their padyapuja (Ritualistic worshipping of their feet) with a bhav (spiritual emotion) that the Goddess principle in them is activated.

Offer them a meal of their liking on a banana leaf. The Goddess likes kheer and puris.

Offer all kumarikas new clothes, consider them to be representative of Shakti and pay obeisance with utmost bhav.