What's your Sign's approach to spring cleaning?

Spring is one of those rare times of year when cleaning actually takes on a kind of ritualistic fun. With good weather coming on, we're able to open the windows, air out our homes and prepare for a brilliant summer! Find out here what your spring cleaning style is according to your star sign.

Think of cleaning your home as your workout. Approach every task as if it were a calorie-burning adventure!

Invest in a house cleaner. Why? Well, it's quite simple, actually: You really can't stand house-cleaning.

Indulge in all those magazines that tell you how to get organised and what tools and cleaning agents you should use to get the gunk out. Even if you don't really do what they say, you'll have fun reading the magazines anyway.

Employ your children! Make it a fun family activity for you and your little ones.

Turn up your favourite music loud and shake your hips with the vacuum cleaner. After all, who says house-cleaning can't be a dance party at the same time?

You are the sign to show others how it's done! Take this chance to gloat and boss people around.

The only way you're going to motivate yourself to clean house is if company is coming. So, invite your most critical friends over for a dinner party - it'll give you the incentive you need to whip the house into shape.

Sure, you could manipulate others into doing the work for you. But would that really give you the satisfaction you crave from clearing out the piles of house clutter that longer serve you? If you dig deeply, the rewards will be greater than you can imagine.

Your best approach to house-cleaning is to take on chores as you get spurts of energy. It's fine to bounce around a bit from one task to another; just find a way to have fun with the drudgery, and you'll get it done.

As a Goat, you possess an amazing work ethic. And since you were probably good about keeping the house in order all winter, spring cleaning shouldn't be too grim a task for you. Just don't feel guilty if you need a helping hand.

You certainly have your own methods to your madness. Not everyone understands how or why you do what you do, but the end result - cleanliness - is all that really matters here.

No naps! No sorting through papers! Without a doubt, you're the sign most likely to get distracted by napping and sorting, so you may need to persuade close friends and family to help keep you on track - anything to help you power through the mundane chores of dusting, sweeping and scrubbing.