Venus and Effect in Twelveth House

Venus in house XII

If Benefic

The native’s wife will be faithful, luck will start favoring after the marriage, benefits from government, pleasant life, native gets help from female at difficult times. The native will get the company of his wife for at least 37 years. Saturn and Jupiter in seventh house will make the native’s wife unhappy but native will have children and happiness from family. If Mercury is in second or sixth house, native will be unhealthy, poet, lord of many stores. Ladies and gents will be long-lived.

If Malefic

Venus will give inauspicious results of second and seventh houses are empty. The wife of the native will face all the problems but will not get helps from others. Wife of the native may be unhealthy also. If Mercury is inauspicious, native and his wife may not be able to continue physical relations. Mercury in 12th house and Rahu in 2nd, 7th, 6th or 12th house will dry out the happiness of married life.


Offer respect and honor to your wife. Do not keep articles and profits from Rahu’s articles. Do not continue relations with relatives related to Rahu. Native’s wife should donate a cow. This can be done in the name of native.