Vastu Tips for students to handle stress during exams

For every student, exams time are tough time. During this time, students stay under too much pressure. They have to revise huge syllabus in very less time. Apart from this, if students don’t perform well in one subject their anxiety increase. So, it is duty of parents that they should support kids and not increase their stress. Hence, keeping calm during exams is not easy.  In such cases, Vastu shastra also helps a lot. There are very simple suggestions for students to handle stress. To deal the issue of stress in exams, we have brought few vastu tips that students should follow.


It is advised to keep northeast part of house clean. There should be no clutter in that area.


There should be no mirrors in the bedroom. In fact, avoid putting mirrors in south and west walls of study room.


For sleeping, there are few specifications. Students are advised not to sleep with head in west or north direction.   

Study table

There should be no dumping books and papers on study table. Keep the study table clean.


Don’t let anyone to use student’s study table and bed during exams. This is advised as everyone has different aura which may affect the energies of student too.


For the study area and sleeping room of the student, use colours like green and yellow. These colours can be used in pillow covers, curtains, bed sheets and clothes etc.