A Vastu home is a building built up using the standard rules of vaastushastra. Developers, broker real estate agent and builders generally do not care for rules due to commercial interest. Ancient architects made rules for flat, home, house, apartment, farms, property, land plots, commercial land, residential, real estate and for palace, temples, town, industries and commerce.

A Vastu home means investments in residential or Industrial or Commercial land after considering astrology, directions & law before purchase. After this a vastu layout plan is prepared using the concept of vastu purush & vishwa karma. The rules apply for open spaces, coverage area, light, solar light, moon light, heat, Infra red, UV light, Air, Water space and earth. Law of Karma or conservation of energy are close to Vastu. Accumulations of energy or wealth accumulation are synonyms to each other.

by: Satish Sharma