TOP 3 ways to impress a sign!!

We’ve discussed the reasons to date each sign, and the reasons you might end up dumping each sign, but what if you’re already coupled up? How do you keep your significant other happy? Click through to find out 3 ways to keep your partner satisfied, based on their zodiac sign!

1. Show excitement and enthusiasm for their interests, hobbies, ideas, and most importantly for them.
2. Let them think everything is their idea
3. Change up your routine as much as possible to keep things feeling new and fresh.

1. Pamper them with massages and plenty of physical affection.
2. Make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable.
3. Allow them to maintain a level of independence within the relationship--don't ever make them feel trapped!

1. Keep the lines of communication flowing at all times.
2. Find a way to keep things light and playful in the relationship, even during tough times.
3. Love their friends and support their active social life.

1. Spend as much quality time with them as possible; they should be your top priority!
2. Master the art of snuggling.
3. Do your best to understand and accept the ebb and flow of their moods.

1. Shower them with love, affection, and praise on a daily basis.
2. Support and encourage their passions and creative ideas.
3. Let them take the lead whenever possible.

1. Be honest and open with them--don't try to hide anything.
2. Keep your house as clean as humanly possible.
3. Help them talk things out whenever they get worried or anxious.

1. Pamper them and, in turn, let them pamper you.
2. Be generous with compliments and praise.
3. Don't rock the boat too much--learn how to keep things peaceful and harmonious.

1. Share emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy.
2. Commit to them and make sure they know how deeply committed you are.
3. Be passionate about everything in life, especially the relationship.

1. Engage in intellectual conversations and listen intently to their ideas.
2. Give them freedom to live life on their terms.
3. Support their adventurous spirit--and join in as much as you can!

1. Find ways to continually show your dedication to them and the relationship.
2. Deal with reality--don't focus too much on "what ifs."
3. Use your intelligence and humor to keep them engaged--and laughing.

1. Don't be intimidated by or jealous of their active social life--learn how to be a part of it!
2. Give them freedom to do what they want and think for themselves.
3. Be aware of your value system and always act accordingly.

1. Keep things romantic and sensual--don't ever lose the "magic" of your connection.
2. Support and validate them when they feel insecure.
3. Appreciate their go-with-the-flow attitude and don't question their intuitive decisions.