This Bridal Lehenga Color suits your zodiac sign

In most of Hindu traditions, the color red is considered auspicious and holy. So while red is kind of the official color of Hindu wedding, modern age bride are seen experimenting with different colors. If you are on the experimenting spree, here is the most ideal lehenga color for your zodiac sign.

Aries/Red... Aries brides are impulsive and crave adventure. They love to test themselves and explore new things. Red will suit them the best.

Taurus/Pink or White... Taurus women are sensual and earthy. They love planning and management. Go for pink or white colors.

Gemini/Green... Gemini loves to gossip and have fun. Green would be just crazy enough to give this quirky personality the opportunity to indulge in her creative side.

Cancer/Blue or White or Sea Green... Cancerian love to experiment. They would like to be surrounded by closest family and friends on the special day. Blue or White or Sea Green will suit them the most.

Leo/Orange... Leos seek glamour and luxury. They are all about leaving dramatic impressions. They love excitement and celebration, loads of sparklers, fireworks, and of course the giant countdown to the big moment. Orange will suit them the most.

Virgo/Green or Purple... Virgo loves to learn or get in touch with something new. They like everything planned out and organized. They are the perfectionist of all zodiac sign. Green or Purple is their ideal color.

Libra/Turquoise... Libras are peaceful people and like going a bit crazy once in a while. They are all about fashion, elegance, and good taste. Turquoise is their ideal color.

Scorpio/Orange... Scorpions are the most intense individuals. Scorpios won`t mid spending a fortune on her wedding. Orange would be just crazy enough to give this intense personality the opportunity to indulge in her creative side.

Sagittarius/Pink... Sagittarius wants to have their own story. This focused sign may benefit from wearing pink to her wedding.

Capricorn/Purple... They love excitement and celebration, loads of sparklers and fireworks. Purple can be a really good choice.

Aquarius/Black or Grey or Brown... Aquarians cannot be bottled up. They love all things airy and bright but on the contrary will opt for black or grey or brown for the wedding.

Pisces/Yellow... Piscean wedding dress should be reflective of their romantic nature. They are the most secretive and sincere of all signs. They love to reflect, relax, and soak in nature. Yellow is their ideal color.