Tattoo you should get based on zodiac sign

Getting your first tattoo is a very bold decision that can lead to a lifetime of regret if you don`t get things right. It`s understandable to be a little bit intimidated by the idea. The trend of getting inked is on the go and even if you don`t trust Astrology, it can be nice to know your sign and get it linked to your zodiac. Express your inner thoughts and feelings to the outside world with your tattoo. Here is what tattoo you should get according to each zodiac.

Aries... Those impulsive ones
Aries are ferociously spontaneous and not afraid to take a walk on the wild side. The perfect tattoo is the tattoo done entirely on impulse.

Taurus...Those love tattoos
The ideal tattoo for a Taurus will affirm a relationship. It could be the name of a lover or a family member.

Gemini...Those contrasting ones
Geminis have trailblazing tendencies, wild charisma and chaotic. You need a tattoo that expresses both sides of your extreme personalities as you are both a lover and a fighter.

Cancer...The family tattoo
They are loyal to a fault, extremely caring and more family-minded than other people. The ideal tattoo for you is to get something that will remind you of your family.

Leo...Those that breed power
Leos are high on self-esteem, identity and strength. They exude power and exuberance like no one else. You like something bold and fully visible. A colorful piece of original art, for example.

Virgo...Those vintage ones
Virgos are undeniably charming with their wicked, conversational prowess. You highly prefer vintage tattoos since charm is a dying art. Get something with a little sass.

Libra...The bohemian tattoo
They are all about that balance and stability. You love pretty things. Get a flower, stars, the moon or the sun inked. Nothing is more grounding than nature.

Scorpio...Below-the-belt tattoo
Scorpions are sexy and sultry and always dominate their presence wherever they go. Go for the tramp stamp, perhaps a provocative quote.

Sagittarius...The inner-lip ones
While you love a bold aesthetic because of your intense nature, you are also afraid to be stuck with something forever. Get something that is quirky, unexpected, creative, focused and intense.

Capricorn...Those philosophical ones
They are extremely intelligent and insanely intuitional. Your tattoo needs to be simple and classy. Put it somewhere hidden as you do not like to give away your secrets easily.

Aquarius...The social justice tattoo
You are a rebel and love fighting for human equality and justice. You accomplish anything you set your mind to. Maybe an equality symbol on your finger or a peace sign on your inner wrist will do the trick.

Pisces...Those delicate ones
You have a gentle energy and are compassionate, artistic with mysterious prowess. You need something that no one except for you understand, maybe you an exotic evil eye or a bird in flight or a delicate flower.