Polish For Your ZODIAC Sign!

Let the stars guide your next nail polish purchase! Click through to find out which color speaks to your sign.

An Aries is active and independent! Bold colors are definitely the way to go for you. Try a luxe shade of red is perfect for you.

Qualities of a Taurus are a warm heart and determination. A pink palette expresses your persistence, affection, and strength.

A lively spirit and sharp wit are traits of a Gemini. An extroverted color like yellow isn’t for everyone, but you can totally rock it!

A genuine Cancer is very imaginative and romantic! Silver, metallic polishes will highlight your sign's best qualities.

Leos are confident and daring! Golden glittery polishes attract the attention you love, and play up your fearless, wild side.

Virgos are known for being organized and super trustworthy. Milk-chocolate browns and deep navys are best for this earth sign.

Scorpios are passionate and seductive. Deep maroon hues emphasize your magnetic persona.

Libras are notorious for being social butterflies! High-pigment blues highlight your trendy style and positive outlook.

A true Sagittarius is adventurous and optimistic! Purple is a great color for you since it fuels creative energy. Bright, sparkly polishes

If you’re a Capricorn, you’re most likely sensible and reserved. Modest, neutral tones are best for this sign. A muted taupe is perfect for you.
An Aquarius is inventive and totally approachable. Turquoise nail polish is a must-have for this air sign.

Pisces tend to be dreamy and emotional. Shades of pink and purple reflect your compassionate nature.