Personality Traits of Scorpio

The scorpion is one of the oldest animals on the planet. Like Cancer, it is covered in a shell that it sheds, only to grow another identical one very quickly. Surrounded by a circle of flames, the Scorpion can also kill itself.

He's either very handsome or ugly, annoying, exasperating and is always flirting. We either love him or hate him! His eyes are magnetic and piercing, with a gleam of mocking cheerfulness or seriousness depending on the moment. In general, he is svelte, slim and muscular, with intense strength. He moves fast and hates slowness.

He's suited to investigation and digging deep, so he'd make an excellent psychiatrist, psychoanalyst or psychologist, delving into the torment of the human soul. This is why he may be a detective, investigator etc. Through the influence of Mars, his second planet, he is linked to medicine and surgery. He is attracted to all that concerns suffering and the way people act.

If we talk about scorpion girls she's good at investigation, research and discovery, but she may be more tempted than Mr Scorpio by paranormal psychology and more 'irrational' sciences. She may manage a business, be at the boss' right-hand side, make money and work independently rather than in a team.

She loves with a passion, rigour, ardour and exaltation that scares most men, most of whom aren't used to this kind of intense emotion. She leaves unforgettable memories but will have few marriages or successful long-term relationships.