Mysterious facts about Aghori Sadhus

The Aghoras are devotees of Shiva manifested as Bhairava and are said to have been around over 1000 years. Aghori sadhus are the most feared and respected clan of ascetics of India.

Their lifestyle being quite unconventional makes them a matter of common curiosity. Here are a few mysterious facts about Aghori Sadhus.

Shiva devotion... Aghori Sadhus are the worshippers of Lord Shiva as they belong to the Shaiva sect. They believe that Shiva is the only power that controls the world and is the ultimate destination of Nirvana.

Legitimate Cannibalism... Cannibalism is openly practiced by the Aghoras in Varanasi without any public upheaval as they only consume corpses from cremating grounds. They eat it raw or roast over open flame. After eating a certain quantity of flesh, they meditate all night sitting atop a corpse.

Mysterious medicines... Aghoras claim they have medicines that can cure Cancer and even AIDS. These medicines come from burning the human body collected from the burning pyre. However, the authenticity of their claim has never been tried and tested by the scientific community due to ethical considerations.

Tantric powers and Black magic... Tantric powers are possessed by a majority of Aghoris. However they never use their powers for harmful deeds as they adore and respect Mother Nature. They also indulge themselves in black magic and are said to contain supernatural powers in them once they start chanting mantras.

Use of marijuana... For Aghoris, marijuana is a channel to enter a state of trance that would take them closer to divinity through meditation thereafter.

Sexual rituals... Aghoris indulge in sex over the dead corpses of humans in the cremation grounds with the consent of the women. They do it not for pleasure but to enter a state of trance. Drums are played during sex.