MUKTI meditation benefits and procedure

Mukti Meditation is a procedure to channelize the flow of energy in your body in such a way where we release negativity preserved due to our karma of this life and past life. Because it make us free from karmic punishment hence called Mukti Meditation.

What are the benefit of meditation ?

Healthy mind
Control on thought process
Good peaceful, cool and efficient way of life
Reduction or get rid on stress, frustration, hidden fear, low confidence, depression and all the mind related trouble
Gain of high energy level
Ability have deep study and increase in learning speed
Good concentration
Correction in bad thoughts generation

What are the precaution and rule of meditation ?

Best start under guidence of experts.
Put your body and mind fully relaxed as possible.

Preferable posture of sitting in lotus style but this is not must. In initial stage you may sit in normal way which is best comfortable to you. Start with comfortable sitting don’t do anything with mental or physical stress and trouble.

There shall be non-conductive cloth on which you will sit. This may be of cotton, woolen or made of KUSHA( A special grass found in India). Don’t sit on floor and don’t touch any part of body to ground before completion of meditation.

Don’t suppress the bad thoughts if coming in mind. Keep them flow naturally. After some week practice you will automatically arrive at the point where bad thoughts generation will be stop.

Keep straight back bone but don’t make any stress on it this.  If not possible 100% straight what position is easy do that only. This is high caution.

Don’t open your eyes before completion of meditation. Suddenly opening of eayes may give you adverse effects.

Select the place where you want to do this will quite and cool place in your house where fresh air and natural light is available. You can do this in open nature or at bank of river. Doing this in natural environment is best.

Start with 3-5 minute. Don’t do for long time in starting. After two three weeks or as per response of your body increase the time. 30 minute is fine for first level. 50-60 minute is for second level. For third level no time limit.

Take bath and be fresh when start meditation.

Best time to do is in the morning after awake and have fresh and bath. It can be done before going bed in the night.Empty stomach is best.

What is the procedure of meditation ?

The procedure below is easy and suitable to the person who is first time doing meditation.

Sit in easy way relax mood and body keep your fresh is east or north or where from fresh air and natural light reaching to you.

Close your eyes. Take three deep breath. Keep care leasing time of breath should be double of intake time. After three deep breath. Inhale from right nostril and lease air in left side nostril. Do this three times then reverse take breath through left and release through right. Do three times from each nostril then again have three deep breath.

Now  concentrate on right leg’s toe, then each finger, feet and slow slowly scan full leg and reach up to waist. Repeat this with left leg and reach waist. During concentration and scanning think body is relaxing completely and aura of body is cleaning. All the sickness and negative energy is dissipating in space and your body and mind is going to be free.

You are becoming very good accepter of cosmic energy which is coming to you through air and natural light. Now imagine a ring formed around waist. Catch this ring at your imagine plan and than up this ring up to neck and assume all the bad and negativity is suck in ring. Now repeat the same with both hands as done on legs and join them at ring on neck. After joining take this ring upto centre of eye brows. Here the ring will be convert in light point. Now recite OM in heart (don’t make sound) and feel the voice is generating from about half inch below of navel. Recite OM three time till one weak and after that increase this up to 21 times.

In the end of meditation move in imaginary plan this light which is at centre of eyebrow through centre of head. Start with 3 minute and go up to 30 minute in next 15 weeks. Never suppress your thoughts keep them free to come and appear. After 39 to 43 days you will find that these bad thoughts will start vanish. In the end rub your both palm 10-12 times and then cover your eyes and feel the heat of palm. Then open your eyes first in that dark of palm created through cover the eyes. After staying few second this slowly remove your palm. Slowly move parts of your Body. Salut your God and give him thanks to providing you this opportunity.

OM is not a religious word. This is invented during Dhyana and Yoga in Hindu civilization hence most people count it religious.This is a kind of sound which is creat vibration in the body and make it more natural and good acceptor of cosmetic energy. If you don`t want to do this you may imgine of Lord Jesus or Allah or any God between center of eye brow .