Makeup tips that works according your zodiac

Have you ever thought that you can even get a makeup according to your zodiac sign?? Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Taurus and whichever zodiac you have, you will get the makeup according to it. Even I got extremely excited when I got to know about this. I thought I should share this interesting thing with you.


If you are an Arian, simply go for face foundation, mascara and a vivid red lipstick on those lusciously beautiful lips. You will look awesome!! See, your planet is mars i.e. Planet of aggression so, let the makeup reflect the real you. Going for the soft pastel and light shades on eyelids and a swipe of nude gloss on the lips will also do great. It shows you are confident and patient.


Like fabulous and expensive things?? Hmmm…must be. Your zodiac shows your affection to wealth and luxury. You know. Smokey shadows of gray, pink, white and silvery shades will really go well with your personality. You people don’t like vulgarity, right?? Just try and look natural.


You are the most sensitive of all. You confront duality so, hard to make choices in cosmetics. But, what I will suggest is that matter textures will suit you the best. Cold shades are what you love and in warm, you prefer green. Try contrasts!!


Latest, new, novelty are all for cancerians. You have the liberty to use makeup with full pleasure. Use makeup which makes you look face look marine shell and eyes like precious gems.


Leo ladies go for everything that is fashionable. You have a soft corner for golden color, so go for it. As always, when you will go to the beauty shop, you won’t remain unnoticed.


You are the most delicate darling. You have an inbuilt sense of proportion and taste. Go for cheaper analogue because your prudence won’t let you buy the expensive ones. Opt for shades of blue, turquoise, emerald and tender green.


You are ruled by Venus so; you choose scandalous behavior and not luxury. Unique combinations like cyan and yellow suits you the best. Whatever unique you may try, you will never ever look ridiculous. There is no role of cost and quality in your life. Everything will fit you.


Go older, look better! Yes, it’s true with you. Scorpions look better and better as they grow older. Going for the saturated deep lipstick will be the wisest choice. Make your eye makeup highly noticeable and attractive.


All the Sagittarians, let me make you realize, you do not have any boundaries. You love all new and unknown. You always purchase those things that you really do not want. Go for radiant, soft shimmery shades. Golden pink color will give you an extra energy.


The makeup which is all new attracts you the most. You have your level of interest. You spend hours studying new range and will buy nothing. Prefer beige-brown shades as you prefer to be unnoticeable.


Ruled by emotions, your daily life is full of plans, events and meetings. You will buy exactly what you need. It’s fully fashionable and attractive. You prefer high quality branded cosmetics. Prefer brilliantly gorgeous lip gloss or blusher with that new smooth silky structure.


If a stunningly beautiful lady crosses you, she is clearly Pisces. Your energy is little weak and your representatives get tired soon. Prefer cold makeup shades. Smoky-blue and ice pink shades will bring you lot of energy.

So, get on with those zodiac make ups and flaunt your personality!!