Lucky colours according to your Zodiac

There are some of the colours which indicates lucky for our Zodiac sign. Check out the colour of your Zodiac Sign-

It's the first zodiac sign ruled by Mars. Their lucky colour is red. This is the color of love, fertility, and energy.  It signals action and can keep you alert or provide extra courage when needed.

Earthy Taurus will have a general affinity with green, the deep 'foresty' shades, but some sources also associate it with pale blues. Likewise yellow-green combinations, fertile and soothing as the month of May, have been considered Taurean.

The Mercurial color is yellow, which signifies agility of mind, intellect, and inspirational thought.  Yellow is good to wear if  you are feeling down or shy, as it brings feelings of optimism and buoyancy.

White is the lucky colour for Cancerians, if it has a silver tinge to it, it's best suited to them. Basically this sign is ruled by the moon, which reflects a sensitive and emotional side.

Leo, the sun king, has its best correspondence in gold and deep shades of orange and darker yellows.

Earthy colors, such as dark brown, green, and even strong navy blue are Virgo shades.  Navy blue, a strong and cool color, instills self confidence and helps steady nerves.

Libra has been given the colors pink, owing perhaps to the love planet Venus, and light lemon yellow with its soothing, harmonizing quality. Some older sources mention red with purple hints such as crimson.

Dark reds to maroon hues, reflecting the tones of autumnal berries, are the shades of Pluto-ruled Scorpio. Black is also owned by Scorpio.  

Sagittarius colors, ranging from dark blues to purple, emit cool confidence.  These shades reflect the cooler spectrum of the color chart and are useful when there is a need to instill quiet confidence or even to sedate someone suffering from anxiety.

Capricorn and Saturn need rigid, steady and reliable hues. There is much consensus for the colors black, different shades of dark brown and dark gray.

Aquarius the progressive humanitarian has distinct affinity with sky blue, (Azure)Aquamarine and light blue.

Violet may come closest to Pisces through its symbolism, but the following colors have at different times also been given to the sign: sea green, glistening white, lavender.