How To choose Your Power Color according to zodiac

Did you know each zodiac sign has a corresponding color? These lovely hues represent the energy of each sign, and wearing your color is a great way to harness the power of your sun sign. We've picked out some gorgeous clothing and accessories in the power colors of every sign. Click through to find yours and add some astrological style to your wardrobe.

Bright red will highlight your fiery, energetic nature, and wearing this bold hue is sure to get you the attention you deserve.

Bringing pretty pastels into your wardrobe will be harmonious with your calm demeanor and please your artistic eye.

Gemini needs a vibrant color that channels your ebullient personality. Bright, lively yellow fits the bill.

By wearing cool shades of silver, Cancers can be assured that they are dressing in harmony with their ruling planet, the moon.

Orange is the perfect stand-out color for Leo's big personality. Wear orange to channel the energy of the sun and light up any room.

Navy is a strong, classic color that is versatile and can go with anything--it suits your practical, modest nature.

Pretty periwinkle is a lovely color for Libras, who will appreciate its perfect balance of blue and purple.

Deep red represents the passion and intensity that burns within every Scorpio. No other color can capture your true essence.

Royal purple is a bold, bright, and powerful color. Just like you, it commands attention.

Strong but subtle, forest green connects you to your earthy nature, and it's a nice complement to your sophisticated lifestyle.

As an air sign whose symbol is the water bearer, aqua is Aquarius' perfect match. Like you, it's a mix of air's clarity and water's brilliant hue.

Seafoam green is most harmonious for this water sign. Bringing this color into your wardrobe will help you feel connected to the energy of the ocean.