Follow Vastu Tips to make Balcony of house

When people build house then they want to make it the best.  They take great care while building every area of the house.  People also pay attention when it comes to build balcony in house. Well... balcony is one such area of house that allows you to spend time with yourself. Many people loves to sit in their balconies and enjoy their snacks. They meditate and do many things of choice in balcony. So, it is very important to make it right. In fact, it is suggested to follow vastu shastra to build balcony in house.  Check out these Vastu Tips to make balcony of house.

North and East are the ideal locations for making balconies. Never build balcony in western and southern part of the house.

If there is swing in the balcony then as per vastu shastra it should be in such a way that person sitting on swing must face north and south direction.

Vastu shastra has also given guidelines for putting plants in balcony. According to vastu shatra, there should be only small plants in the balcony. 

Considering the size of furniture in balcony then it should be light weighted. The furniture should be placed in southwest part of balcony. Never place it in east and north part.

As per vastu shastra, there should be difference between the height of balcony roof and main roof. The height of balcony roof must be lesser than roof of the building.