Fashion tips that suits according to your zodiac sign

It's time to renew your wardrobe. Choose the most flattering clothes and outdated designs dismisses fear not wrong, zodiac signs can reveal the keys to choose what best suits you.

For everyday wear you'll enjoy the casual but comfortable look and fabrics that will give you the required freedom. You should go for clothes and designs that look good on you and shape that are sharply defined for your body. There will also be some well-cut casual jackets around which will look really excellent on you. Your starsign colours are white and red so go for all the shades of red. Summer holidays and winter partying will be the best times of the year for you from the point of view of fashion.

Your clothes must feel comfortable and feminine but they must also be appropriate for whatever role you are playing when wearing them. It's likely that you'll be tempted to go for a sexy sultry style but you have to be very carefully while dressing up. You have to combine your choice of colour and fabric with comfort and femininity which will make you comfortable, whether at work or play. Wear rich dark colours at the beginning of the year and the dark blues to purples will work surprisingly well for you later on. Your shape is soft and feminine and your starsign colours are red lemon mix, blues and pinks.

Your cloths this year need to be versatile and cheerful with a light, bright and youthful look. It should be comfortable and should adapt to any situation you are in. Therefore this year at the beginning you need to do some shopping for clothes that will allow you such freedom. You will find plenty of casual summer wear in a whole range of items, including footwear that communicate the kind of humour you often like to show in the styles you choose to wear - for any occasion. Your shape is smart but loose and adaptable and your starsign colours are red/white mix but also multicoloured patterns.

Your style is a study in harmony which signals that you possess subtle knowledge about the art of dressing well. Your idea of style is keeping full knowledge about all the latest fashion happenings around you and you can very easily adapt and create a look which sets you apart from others as a master of style. Your shape is soft, smart and conventional and your starsign colours are lilac blue, silver, green or russet. Casual wear in greens and light tones will provide you with some stunning items for your 2003 wardrobe. Early autumn's soft shades of green, lilac and blue will please you and the softness of the fabrics around at that time will be a delight for you to wear.

You are confidence personified. Your style has a regal air about it and it shines with brilliance, serenity and confidence. Your shape is striking, angular and flowing, helping to enhance that wonderful natural royal quality you possess and your starsign colours are golden or red. Dark shades compliment you royal style and you will be surprised at the impact it causes on your lifestyle.

For you perfection is very important aspect and thus your goal this year is finding clothes with the right hemline, flawless seams and perfectly matched patterns for feeling great about yourself. You shape is functional and conservative and your starsign colours are natural green, blue/black, grey and brown. At the beginning of the year, stick to the darker shades as they will bring out your true nature. During the middle of the year you would want to try out something new however winter will see you returning to old favourites in your wardrobe.

Harmony in appearance is your keynote. You search for a style which can teach others ways of achieving balance. You believe in harmony and thus your fashion statement is to bring out beauty into your environment. Your shape is soft and flowing and your starsign colours are light to mid-blue, dark rose and black. Make the most of the lovely rich rose reds that are around in the early part of the year and the lilacs that are likely to appear throughout the summer because these colours will bring out the best in you.

You have a very striking and dynamic personality. Hence your clothes must convey your magnetic personality to the world and convey that you are force to be reckoned with. Your shape is subtle and potent and your starsign colours are deep red, black and dark browns. The early part of the year will be particularly good for styles of clothing that are just made for you. Dark, swirling fabrics will frame your natural sense of mystery and secrecy, bringing out the very best and most beautiful within you.

You love to travel hence you should have a "travel carefree" style. Your clothes should allow you to move freely and, like you, they should travel well which means they should look good whether they are straight out of the suitcase or off the hanger. Your shape is created from slender, long lines and your starsign colours are purple, deep blue, olive or light green. There'll be some fantastic styles in trousers and tops, all in comfortable, easy care fabric that gives you the freedom of movement and relaxed attitude.

Black is your lucky colour and this year the classic black dress could be the perfect signature for the Capricorn style bringing out a style which is simple and dignified. Your shape is smooth, artistic but conservative and your starsign colours are dark colours, charcoal grey, black or dark brown. You have a natural sense of good style and will use your skills to make this year perfect and interesting.

You like to stick to only one style and that can be anything from drawing on the ideas of any culture or part of the world to achieve your individual look. You can be surprising or shocking but you are never dull! Your shape is unconventional, ingenious in effect and your starsign colours are sky or electric blue and vivid colours in general. Go for shimmering dark colours and possibly silver greys until the colours of summer start to arrive - when you might be surprised how the blues, purples and lilacs, this year, work for you.

You are a dreamer and you love to live in a world of fantasy. Hence your style is created by clothes which mirror and reflect your mood thus having a subtle, changing quality about them so that they can easily be adapted to your mood and fancy. Your shape is created from fluid lines and your starsign colours are glistening shades, white/silver, green, purple, cream and rich, deep and reflective metallic or velvet blacks.