Do you Know about Spiritual Principles!

Spiritual practice is honest and sincere efforts done consistently on a daily basis to develop Divine qualities and achieve everlasting happiness or Bliss.

Spiritual Practice should be done on a daily basis. If we are serious about any endeavour in life we need to be both persistent and regular.

Increasing the level of spiritual practice regularly. Just as we increase our levels of fitness by steadily increasing our exercise regime, the same is true in spiritual practice.

Spirituality is to be experienced. In Spirituality, words have only 2% importance while 98% importance lies in getting the experience of those words.

Gaining spiritual experiences from spiritual practice. Spiritual experiences help us to generate faith in our intellectual understanding of the science of Spirituality.

There are two generic types of spiritual practice. Spiritual practice with expectation and without expectation

The seeker experiences worldly happiness by doing sakam spiritual practice while he experiences spiritual Bliss by doing nishkam spiritual practice. Learning to listen to an authority in Spirituality

Just as in any field of expertise, we also need to listen to an authority in the field of Spirituality if we want to progress spiritually.
Own Wish, Other's wish and God's wish

One way to reduce our ego is to move from functioning as per one's own wish to other's wish and finally as per God's wish as part of our spiritual practice