Cruel Religious Practices from around the word

In the progressing society we are living in today it is surprising to see how some brutal religious are still seeing daylight. People are being maimed, burnt and killed in the name of religion. Here are the cruelest religious festivals from around the world.

Self-Flagellation... Islam

Muslims all over the world hit themselves on the back with chains and sharp objects such as knives to mourn the death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein on the tenth day of Muharram.

Garudan Thookkam... India

Garudan Thookkam is a famous ritual art form of Kerala where devotees are pierced with sharp metal hooks and are hung like eagles to the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. They are then taken around the city as procession.

Eating the dead... Amazon

The people of Yanomami tribe of Amazon eat ashes off the burnt dead body mixed with bananas. They believe that this way the dead will live among themselves forever.

Scarification... Papua New Guinea

This ancient ritual is still practiced by the Chambri Tribe of Papua New Guinea. The skin of boys entering manhood is cut and scarred to represent the scales of a crocodile.

Sky Burial... Tibet

Tibetans believe that vultures are angel like figures and take souls to heaven, hence the ritual. Bodies of the deceased people are chopped off and are then offered to the vultures.

Teeth Chiseling... Indonesia

A tribe in Indonesia considers women with chiseled pointy-sharp teeth beautiful and also it helps maintain balance between the body and the soul. The ritual is performed with crude instruments and without any anesthesia and later given green bananas to dull the pain.

Being Possessed and Convulsing... Haiti

Voodoo worshipers believe that it is important to honor and care for all of the spirits, as it is believed that they become weak over time and depend on humans for nourishment. These rituals are done to gratify the gods, called Loa. A sanctified chicken is sacrificed to satisfy Loa.