Astro Remedies related with Child

Astrology is the solution fro many problems. Many times we see that the ladies are suffreing a lot because of childrens. The suffer can be of various types, like not having child or regular illness to child and many more. Hence there are some astro remedies for those women who are upset with chiold related problems-

If a lady doesn't conceive or the children keeps dying within few days after birth then this remedy should be done.
Take an earthen pot, fill it with honey and bury it in a funeral ground on any Tuesday.
If the children do not live after taking birth then distribute salty preparation instead of sweets.

Till the age of 5, make the newly born child wear old clothes, do not cut his or her hair and do not call him/her by the actual name.

To increase memory and concentration of children, add two teaspoons of unboiled milk in the water and give bath to the child with this water. This should be done at least once a week.

In case of frequent nightmares, keep a piece of alum under the child's pillow on a Tuesday or Sunday.

If the child gets affected by evil eye frequently, make him/her wear a cowrie (Kaudi) in black thread around neck.

If your child remain ill most of the time then get a bangle made of AshtDhatu on Tuesday. Wash the bangle with ganges water, apply vermillion on it, recite hanuman chalisa while taking the bangle in right hand and then make the child wear this bangle in right hand.