6 Offerings to Lord Ganesha to please Him

Siddhivinayak Ganapati Bappa is very easy to please. He is one of friendliest Hindu Gods for his elephant head and his enormous belly. The cute and cuddly God inspires love among his devotees. As Ganesh Chathurthi is around the corner, it is time to make a note of things that Lord Ganesha loves the most.

Here are 6 Offerings to Lord Ganesha to please Him.

1. Modak

Modak is a sweet dumpling made of rice flour, stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery and happens to be one of the favorites of Lord Ganesha. That is why modaks are prepared on Ganesh Chathurthi. It is said that worship of Ganesha is incomplete without modaks.

2. Dhruva Grass

According to legends, once Lord Ganesha swallowed evil demon Analasura who was tormenting the Gods. But he refused to get digested and the Lord was in immense pain. Then some sages rained Dhruva grass on him and his stomach cooled. Since then, grass became the favourite of Ganesha.

3. Marigolds

Ganesha loves marigold and he is often seen wearing garlands made of marigolds and Dhruva grass. Worshipping with red and yellow marigolds does the trick.

4. Conch Shell

Most Hindu festivals are initiated with the blowing of the conch shells. Ganesha too holds a shankh on one of his hands. The shrill sound is believed to wade away evil spirits.

5. Coconuts and bananas

Coconuts and bananas are His favourite fruits. His idols are usually surrounded by banana leaves and also the stem of the banana plain

6. Ladoo

Lord Ganesha has a fetish for yellow motichur ladoos and is also shown holding a round ladoo in his left hand. Ladoos represent wealth, happiness, prosperity, joy and knowledge.