Venus and Effect in Tenth House

Venus in House X

If Benefic

Native may have relations with other woman. Native will be greedy and keeps wealth and wife under control. Dreams about woman. If Saturn is auspicious or ninth or eleventh houses are not occupied with enemy planets, the health of the wife will be good, the couple will be religious, mercury will give productive result and accidents will not happen. If accidents happens, native will not be hurt. If fourth house is empty, native’s wife will be fond of sex and satisfies him completely. If Saturn is in 10th house or in earlier houses, Saturn will give auspicious results. Moon in 2nd, 4th or 7th house will bring pleasure of having different type of vehicles.

If Malefic

Native’s wife will be fond of sex, problems in having children. Relations with other woman will bring problems in the family. If the Saturn is inauspicious, native will face many problems, wife may be a fool. If enemy planets like Sun, Moon or Rahu is with Venus, native’s life may be miserable till the age of 12 years. Saturn in fifth house will result in problems in the wife’s eye.


Perform remedies for Saturn. Do not always think about sex, keep your mind busy in other things too. Wash your genitals using curd.