Vastu tips for healthy house

A house should be always cheerful with healthy members and smiling faces. The houses where people have poor health are not considered good. There could be certain reasons behind sickness in house. One of them is vastu defect or dosh. People’s lives are highly impacted by the home in which they live. Although many people don’t accept this fact but it is truth. So, it is very important that house is free of vastu dosh. Even many people never believe that vastu defects are the reason behind poor people of family. Check out these simple vastu tips for healthy homes. 

Always avoid sitting or sleeping under beam in house. Sleeping or sitting under will lead to mental and psychological issues like depression, headache or loss of memory.

The houses where boring, generator, inverter, staircase and toilet etc are located in the center of house, stomach problems prevail. As stomach is considered to be centre of our body so things in center of our house affects that area. Hence, keep the center of the house empty and clean.

Southeast direction of the house is fire zone. So you are advised to make it a habit to light a diya regularly in this direction. This will bring good health of all the members of the family.

There should not be any slope, underground tent, and drainage system etc in southeast and southwest direction of house. Health of the females and children is impacted by southeast while southwest direction affects the health of elders of the house.

Never make mistake of keeping medicines in the kitchen of the house.  If you put your medicines in kitchen then the house will experience health problems very frequently.

Even your sleeping direction also affects your health. Keep your head towards south or east. To keep the elders of house in good health, make them sleep in southwest portion of the house.