Vastu Remedies for ending family disputes

A family looks good when there is peace and harmony amongst family members. The house which has quarrels and tensions amongst family members is not a good. There can be several reasons of family disputes like workload, lack of finances, property, kids and loss of trust etc. These family disputes leave negative impression on life of every family member. Sometimes, it is easy to resolve such family matters while many times it is not. Well.. vastu shastra has several remedies to eliminate such quarrels and disputes amongst the family members. Follow these given vastu remedies to end disputes in your family.

Eat together
In vastu, eating with family members is beneficial for family. So, try to have meals together. Eat in kitchen if possible as it reduces the ill effects of Rahu on family.

Gangajal is powerful
You are advised to sprinkle Gangajal in the house. Do this on every Full Moon Day. This remedy will help a lot to bring peace in house.

No shaving and haircut
Shaving and haircuts on Thursdays are not appropriate especially when disharmonious environment prevails in family.  It’s better to avoid these acts if you wish to have harmony amongst family members.

White sandal wood statue
To reduce tension in family, follow this remedy. Keeping a white sandal wood statue in house is great idea. Place it in such a way that it is visible to everyone while roaming around in the house.

Say no to red
When dispute is going amongst female members of the family then they should not wear red colour clothes. In fact, all female of house should not wear red at the same time.