Significance of temple bells

The sound of a bell is considered auspicious in many cultures around the world. Bells are also significant in Hinduism. It is a common practice among most people to enter the temple by ringing the bell. Temple bells are huge structures and the loud sound produced from it is considered extremely auspicious.

Spiritual significance of temple bells As we start the daily ritualistic worship, we ring the bell and chant the following mantra:

Aagamaarthamtu devaanaam l gamanaarthamtu rakshasaam
Kurve ghantaaravam tatra l devataahvaahna lakshanam

This means, "I ring this bell indicating the invocation of divinity, So that virtuous and noble forces enter (my home and heart); and the demonic and evil forces from within and without, depart."

It is believed that the echoes from the temple bells drive out all kinds of negative forces and energies from the mind of the person. So, when the person enters the temple to pray, he/she doesn't have any thought other than God and can pray without disturbance.

Thus, we see temple bells are extremely significant and has a strong scientific reason to be rung as a daily ritual.