Know more about your Sign-Pisces

There are a total of twelve different zodiac signs, each of which divide the sky into roughly 30 degree segments. Each one of the twelve signs holds unique and fascinating properties which influence on our lives in different ways. While people typically refer to each one of these signs as their "sign", the correct term is "sun sign" - which is the constellation through which our sun was moving on the day we were born. While our sun signs are indeed very important parts of our astrological profile, one should remember that they are only generalizations.

Pisces Personality Profile:

While many other signs have their creative sides, Pisces is without question the most creative of all signs. Individuals born with a Pisces sun sign tend to be deeply gifted in one or many creative pursuits. Many great writers, artists, musicians, actors and filmmakers share this compelling sign.

Much of Pisces creativity comes from the fact that they are deeply sensitive and emotional people. They are extremely giving and charitable, and always willing to lend a hand to a friend or a loved-one.

Pisces make excellent listeners and also give excellent advice.

Many Pisces suffer from shyness or too much modesty - not wanting to draw attention to themselves. Even famous or successful Pisces suffer from this trait to some extent, and must constantly force themselves into the limelight where their talents can be seen and appreciated.

Pisces are almost always very diplomatic. Their deep sensitivity towards the feelings of others gives them a keen awareness of what they say, how they say it, and what others want to hear.

Pisces at Work:

While Pisces creativity lends itself most obviously to the typical creative disciplines of music, art, writing and acting - Pisces individuals in many different professions apply their unique abilities to creative problem-solving and original solutions. As such, Pisces individuals perform well in many different professional areas - particularly those involving people-skills.

They must always be careful not to react too negatively to criticism, and to not allow opposition to affect them emotionally.

Pisces in Love:

Pisces are made for deep and fulfilling relationships. Their amazing ability to perceive the moods, thoughts and emotions of others give them a profound ability to relate to their loved ones with a deep level of understanding. Their generosity and selflessness know no bounds when they are in love and in a committed relationship.

Because Pisces are dreamers however, there is always the possibility of being led astray. And because they are so concerned with hurting the feelings of their partner - if Pisces are led astray they tend to become deeply secretive.

Treat a Pisces right, and allow them to be themselves, and they're one of the more stable signs in a relationship.